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South Africa is situated at the tip of Africa, it’s a tourist magnet offering vast shrublands, lush winelands, beautiful countryside, unique coastlines, sunny beaches and a vast variety of wild animals.

With a population estimated at around 53 million, South Africa uses ZAR and is called the rainbow nation due to its vast majority of cultures and the country have 11 official languages. The populations is made up of an estimated 45 million blacks, 4 million whites, 1.3 million Indian, 4.5 million coloured, while over 48 percent of the population is female, 52 percent is male.


Rugby is one of its three biggest sports, which includes cricket and soccer. Several world cups have been hosted in the country and after winning the 1995 World Cup the president then, Nelson Mandela was wearing the captain’s rugby jersey. Its apartheid struggle secluded the country for several years from partaking in International sports and since its return it dominated rugby and cricket.

In black townships many live in poverty and crime infestation is mainly due to illegal immigrants from many unrest ridden countries, like Angola, Congo and Somalia. Many fled South Africa and white decreased from being over 11 million to about 4 million currently. Over 80% of the population consults traditional diviners and healers for their health issues due to high medical bills.
South Africa is a top tourist destination offering fun activities such bungee jumping, hiking, zip lining, surfing, hiking and surfing. In this country twice the size of Texas holiday’s include safari’s, beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, big five safaris and great shopping.

With three capitals the legislative capital is Pretoria, the administration capital is Bloemfontein and Cape Town is the parliament is in Cape Town. Johannesburg is the most populated and largest city, also the richest city and called the city of gold. Jo’burg offers visitors theatres in its Braamfontein district, rich boutique shopping in Rosebank, and great restaurants in Sandton. The inner city offer urban living with the perfect chance to experience shebeens and traditional African cuisine in a hipster friendly atmosphere.

Great entertainment in the city of gold is based on a multi-cultural vibe captured in jazz lounges, exotic sundowners served at world renowned hotels, thrilling rides at Goldreef city or great casino entertainment at Monte Casino in the north, Carnival City in the East, Silverstar Casino in the west and Caesars Casino is the closest to the airport. To experience the real African feel township tours is offered to Turbine beer halls and Chinatown is part of the urban renewal.

Top restaurants in South Africa is listed on the world’s top 50 list or its cuisine and fine dining, exceptional meals focus on traditional cooking, interesting ingredients and expert chef techniques. As one of the largest countries exporting wines, the Cape winelands is a not to be missed tourist attraction that ends at the start of the Garden route. Music unique to this country include afro-pop, anthropologists like Johnny Clegg and mixed bands include Mango Grove. Diverse genres include kwaito, hip hop and house music beats branded by melodious sounds is the male vocalist calls to invites everyone to Africa.