Interesting Facts about South Africa

South Africa is filled of breathtaking beauty, stunning scenic landscapes, the most wonderful weather, and vibrant cities. It offers many famous locations, which is tourists magnets, including awe-inspiring Cango Caves plus the Valley of Desolation, sunny beaches and of course the lush Garden Route. But like many other countries South Africa also has unusual, intriguingly strange and point-blank weird formations. So while its beauty is always discussed an interesting look at its interesting facts follows below.


The Mopani worm is a delicacy many tourist aims to enjoy, its official name in Latin is Gonimbrasia belina, plus it is actually not a worm, but a huge caterpillar, which can turn into a moth. As source of protein cooking is kept to a minimal, the worms are collected, squeezed and smoked or dried before it can then be consumed, fried it makes a crunchy snack. The Mopani worms can be obtained from rural supermarkets, preserved in brine, or chili mix. If eaten with a rural tribe, some say it tastes like honey barbecued chicken.

The Baberton Greenstone Belt situated In Mpumalanga, is a mountain range, over 3.5 billion an age. The mountain range is one of the best conserved and minimally reformed initial Archaean rock formations in the world. The microscopic fossil relic Archaeospheroides barbertoniswas discovered is believed to be the 1st form of life on earth.

The Cape Winelands are packed with great wineries and estimated at a total of 560 wineries, currently the number of primary wine producers is in the region of 4 400. Route 62, considered the longest wine route in the world and encompasses Worcester, Robetson, Tulbach, Wellington and the Klein Karoo. Apart from offering the best wines, great sips of brandy can easily be mingled with at the Ronnie’s Sex Shop, famed for its collection of female underwear, collected from females who visited his pub and agreed to leave a momentum behind.

The highest commercial bungee jump in the world can be enjoyed at the Bloukrans Bridge, which is an impressive 216 metres high. Still staying outdoors Rooibos tea is a worldwide favourite for its excellent health properties and only grown in a small region in the Cederberg and a majority is exported.

Over 2,000 shipwrecks is known off along the South African coast, the majority dating back over 500 years ago and over 900 avian is that can be seen here represents 10% of the bird species of the world.

South Africa was also the 1st country to develop an unimaginably rare coal to oil technology, while the country was struggling, oil was hard to access and with its vast coal reserves research was done on how to turn coal to oil, now Sasol is one of the major businesses in the country.

Ancient human remains found in South Africa were well over 160,000 years old plus in the Karoo some of the best fossils of dinosaurs were found, projected that 80% of the mammalian fossils found to date were found at this Western Cape area.

Two Novel prize winners grew up in the same street, these include Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela who both lived in Vilakazi Street in Soweto