Cricket in South African

Cricket in South African was sadly isolated from the rest of the world from 1970 up to 1991, for 21 years due to apartheid policies utilized by the former government. This twenty one year isolation came at a time, which had a huge impact on its cricket and could fairly be claim to have cost the top test-playing nation in the world.

Due to policies of its government, South Africa played against New Zealand, Australia and England only. The countries re-admittance in 1991 to world cricket allowed the team to face global opponents, and the “new” South African team was the first welcomed by India into the international game.


The cricket team of South Africa previously known as the Springboks, change their name to the Proteas, after its settling-in period and then adapted astonishingly fast to the demands in 1991 of the international play.

Losing their first internationals to India i, the third match displayed their capability, victory awaited and celebrations took place with 288 in 50 overs. South African speedily established a reputation as an excellent fielding outfit, a standing soon supported up by its impressive bowling attack and, after a period of maturation, its striking line-up. Dominance came, internationally the Protea’s were the elite of world cricket.

In many ways the Proteas excelled than the quantity of their parts, teamwork as well as grit securing their victories while for some it appeared that the odds appeared stacked against them.
In January 1994, the Proteas defeated the dominant Australians, 5 runs, 111 in 2nd innings it was a victory surprising the home team in Sydney.

In 2012 it was South Africa who heated up test cricket, after thrashing England on home turf. Followed by a 2nd sequential of victories over Australia needless to say in Australia.
After returning to international play, the Proteas became the powerhouse, ranking for many years as best team in the world. In upper tier test cricket they dominated after well over a decade before ascending to the position of the world’s best team in 2012.

South Africa impressed with their debut in 1992 at the World Cup, whipping hosts Australia by nine wickets, went all the way to the semi-finals before Pakistan claimed the title. South Africa accommodated the exciting 2003 World Cup.

Cricket regarded as yet another the game of the privileged white man, great strides have been made mostly by the Cricket South Africa’s development programme, started way before the first democratic elections in 1994. Players of colour have achieved to the top of the game in South Africa, chosen to represent the Proteas.

A growing trend, for years to come all South Africans have equal chance to make achieve the top of the game, South African cricket will challenge the world with its talent.
In is new era for South Africa, open to all talented players of all races leading to tremendous successes. South Africans love winning what they have is several coloured cricketers. One thing there is for sure, there is no shortage of talent in South Africa and with its training plan new talent is developed from early ages.